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ATTanta Parallax System

SL-AP120 Black
Slider + Parallax
Size 1200 X 240 X 140

Parallax is our new products, it is firm structure and changeable, especially has new track can follow photographing.
It is used aviation aluminum material and the most advanced CNC computer processing, the surface is delicate, elegant, beautiful.
- Characteristics:
1. It can be used with any track
The strong-back of the parallax is processed several different size locking holes, can be locked with different tracks.
2. Convenient adjustment
The vertical and horizontal adjusting rod both have clear laser engraving scale, It's convenient for customers to adjust with the racket rail's horizontal and vertical direction, to achieve perfect shooting.
3. Humanization design
Locking handle is made of high hardness aviation aluminum and has the high quality, appropriate sized, reasonable position. Only slight movement, the track can be adjusted well as the users' intention.
The surface of the cloud terrace set with high density rubber antiskid mat, it is anti-aging, unbreakable, especially can protect your camera well.
The products have been equipped with 1/4 switch 3/8 screwed nipple, wide applicability.
4. Move more smoothly
Parallax is adopted high precision steel bearing, and cloud terrace located in the track cloud terrace, radial bearing work with sliding the lateral bearing, the structure is more tightening, sliding' effect is more perfect.
5. Precision shooting
Using the most advanced laser engraving technology, cloud terrace' faceplate with clear scale, so the shooting instrument focus angle adjustment more accurate.
Use Manual:
1. Take out all of the accessories from the bag.
2. Turn out the screws from the fixed position.
3. Loose the track and tighten the handle.
4. Mount the cloud Terrance as the pictures shows.
5. Mount the cross-bar as the pictures shows and tighten it.
6. Lock the locating device to the track and tighten the screws.
7. Adjust parallax and track's angle between 0-5 degree according to the shooting angle, then tighten it.
8. Sliding the block, parallax and cloud terrace follow moving, and the focus of Photographic instrument do not change, take pictures from different angles.